Machine Vision

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visionPower/mation delivers cost effective vision solutions. We offer a flexible array of packaged platforms including vision sensors, smart cameras, powerful embedded systems that can deploy line scan and high resolution area scan cameras, and high speed, multiple camera PC-based systems. Power/mation also offers components that maximize image optimization for your existing system. We support analog, digital and web-enabled cameras, the highest quality halogen and LED illumination, and high resolution, low distortion optics.

Our vision solutions include:

    Vision Sensors
    Vision Lighting
    Indicator LightsLighting
    Vision Software
    Vision Accessories


    Vision Products
    Smart Cameras
    3D Cameras
    Vision Sensors
    Auto ID Readers - 1D Bar Code Reader Fixed Mount
    Auto ID Readers - 2D Bar Code Reader Fixed Mount
    Auto ID Readers - Hand Held
    Auto ID Readers - Omni Directional Fixed Mount


    Custom Camera Cables
    Camera Link Cables
    GIGe Ethernet Cables


Our Vision Vendors

Banner Engineering
9714 Tenth Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441
Telephone: (763) 544-3164
Telephone: 1(800) 809-7043
FAX: (763) 544-3213

6900 W 110th St
Minneapolis, MN
Telephone: 800.325.7425
FAX: 952.941.9287

10 Austin Boulevard
Commack, NY 11725 USA
Telephone: +1-631-858-8400
FAX: +1-631-543-3963