Power Transmission

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power transmissionNeed more than just a price quote for your power transmission needs? Ask Power/mation to provide you with a solution for your automation project. From AC and DC drives to motors and gear reducers, our staff of trained sales professionals can provide your business with the solution recommendations it needs to increase productivity and reduce costs.

    Variable Frequency Drives
    DC Drives
    Vector Drives

    AC Motors
    AC Gear Motors
      DC Gear Motors
    Variable Frequency Drives
    DC Drives
    Vector Drives
    Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Stainless Steel
    Helical Gear Speed Reducers - Inline
    Helical Worm Speed Reducers - Right Angle
    Ratio Multipliers
    Soft Starters
    Grinders and Buffers

    AC and DC Gearmotors and Motors
    Brushless DC Gearmotors and Motors

    Spring Set Brakes
    End Mount Brakes
    Double C Face Brakes
    Hazardous Location Brakes
    Metric Mount Brakes
    Marine Maritime Navy Brakes


    DC Drives
    AC Drives
    Vector Drive
    Soft Starters
    Packaged Drives
    Engineered Systems

     Planetary and Hypoid Gear Reducers  
    Safety Couplings
    Linear Mount Products
    Custom Solutions

    Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Gear Speed Reducers

    Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Aluminum Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Bevel Gear Speed Reducers
    Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers
    Bevel Gear Drives
    Cooling Tower Speed Reducers
    Custom Gear Drives

    Screw Jacks
    Linear Actuators

    DC Drives
    Variable Frequency Drives

    Torque Limiters
    Keyless Locking Devices
    Torque Measuring Devices
    Permanent Magnetic Coupling - Contactless Torque Transmission


    Web Tension Controller
    Magnetic Particle Clutches
    Magnetic Particle Brakes
    Pneumatic Tension Control Clutches
    Pneumatic Tension Control Brakes
    Tension Control Load Cells
    Tension Control Current to Pressure Transducer
    Dancer / Follower Arm Position Sensor
    Permanent Magnet Clutches

    Brakes - Caliper Air Actuated Spring Released
    Brakes - Caliper Spring Actuated Air Released
    Brakes - Caliper Spring Actuated Hydraulic Released
    Brakes - Air Engaged - NEMA Flange or Foot Mounted
    Brakes - Drum
    Brakes - Metric Shaft Mounted
    Brakes - Stage
    Clutch Brakes - Shaft Mounted
    Clutch Brakes - Metric IEC Flange Mounted
    Clutch Brakes - NEMA Flange Mounted
    Linear Couplings - Zero Backlash
    Roller Pinion Linear Drive System
    Brakes - Profile Guide Rail
    Rod Locks - NFPA and Metric
    Roller Pinion Rotary Drive System
    Brakes - Tension Control
    Clutches - Tension Control
    Torque Limiters - Air Engaged
    Torque Limiters - Mechanical
    Tension Diameter Sensor
    Tension Load Cells
    Tension Controllers - Dancer
    Tension Controllers - Daimeter
    Tension Controllers - Load Cell
    Web Splice Control
    Web Guide Controllers
    Web Guiding

    Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Helical Bevel Gear Speed Reducers
    Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers
    Bevel Gear Drives
    Variable Frequency Drives
    Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

    AC Motors and Gearmotors
    Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Packages
    AC Motor Speed Control Packages
    Cooling Fans

    Worm Gear Speed Reducers
    Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Double Enveloping

    Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Adjustable Backlash
    Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Precision Backlash
    Planetary Gear Reducers
    Helical Gearmotors
    Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Stainless Steel


Our Power Transmission Vendors

16250 W Glendale Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151
Telephone: 262 785 3200
FAX: 262 785 0417

5711 R.S. Boreham, Jr. St.
P.O. Box 2400
Fort Smith, AR 72901
Telephone: (479) 646-4711
FAX: (479) 648-5792

4740 W. Electric Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Telephone: 414-672-7830
FAX: 414-672-5354

Nidec - Mpls Automation Center
7878 Shady Olad Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
Telephone: 952-995-8129 

901 E Business Center Drive
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Telephone: 847-649-2500
FAX: 847-649-2501

Grove Gear/Leeson
2100 Washington Street
P.O. Box 241
Grafton, WI 53024-0241
Telephone: 262-377-8810
FAX: 262-377-9025

Hub City
16051 Hyland Ave.
Lakeville MN 55044
Telephone: 651-402-1630
FAX: 952-997-2339

Joyce/Dayton Corp.
P.O. Box 1630
Dayton, Ohio 45401
Telephone: (937) 294-6261
FAX: (937) 297-7173

KB Electronics
12095 NW 39th Street
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Telephone: 954.346.4900
FAX: 954.346.3377

P.O. Box 9065
122 Anchor Rd
Michigan City, Indiana 46360
Telephone: 219-872-9100
FAX: 219-872-9150

2100 Washington Street
P.O. Box 241
Grafton, WI 53024-0241
Telephone: 262-377-8810
FAX: 262-377-9025

P.O. Box 26508
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
Telephone: 405-755-1600

560 Oak Grove Parkway
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota 55127
Telephone: 651-484-5900
FAX: 651-286-1099

PO Box 367
Waunakee WI 53597
Telephone: 888-314-6673
FAX: 800-373-6673

1001 Knox Street
Torrance, CA 90502
Telephone: 310-715-3300
FAX: 310-225-2594

12001 Lackland Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63146
Telephone: 314-878-4600
FAX: 314-878-6814

172 Eaton St
Springville NY 14141
Telephone: 716-592-9311